Online e Visa Azerbaijan Procedures

Starting from February 10, 2017, the issuance of Azerbaijan visa is carried out using a new online system.

The Standard electronic Azerbaijan e visa is issued within 3 to working days and is issued only to citizens of countries listed in the following list (link to the list). Urgent visa is issued within 3 hours.

The procedure of registration takes Standard e visa 3 working days in the usual mode of $ 39 and Urgent e visa $ 94 for 3 hours.

The procedure of registration begins after all documents are submitted and payment is confirmed.

Citizens of other countries not listed can get Azerbaijan online e visa by applying to the embassies and

Consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan abroad (reference to consulates and embassies) Citizens of Turkey, Israel, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia and Singapore may receive an Azerbaijan electronic e visa upon arrival at Baku International Airport.

However, to accelerate passport control and to avoid queues for receiving

Azerbaijan evisas, citizens of the above countries can also obtain electronic e visa Azerbaijan in advance with the help of our


In order to receive a tourist electronic visa to the Republic of Azerbaijan provide the following documents for Azerbaijan visa:

1. Fully completed application signed by the applicant for Azerbaijan visa.

The online visa azerbaijan application form is filled out in English with the personal signature of the applicant. The application form for a minor visa is signed and submitted by a parent or legal guardian. This means that for a minor who enters with the passport of a parent or legal guardian, a separate Azerbaijan visa application form must be submitted. A minor receives a separate azerbaijan evisa, which is pasted into the passport of his parents, legal guardians or his own passport.

2. Color scanned copy of the page from the passport with the indication of personal information.

- The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the intended return from Azerbaijan.

- Passport must have 2 blank pages.

* Additionally for minors (under 18) who travel without or with only one of

parents are required: birth certificate, written consent from the parent / parents (not

traveling / them with a child). Written consent must be stamped by a notary. If a child has only one guardian, a document proving this is necessary: ​​a birth certificate, a sole custody court decision, a death certificate or another document.

3. Payment

- Standard Electronic Visa + payment for registration is $ 39 per person

- Urgent Electronic visa + payment for registration is $ 94 per person

Azerbaijan Business visa

Explore Azerbaijan offers all types of business visa support services in Azerbaijan for many of our clients around the world. The corporate department of our agency can provide long-term and multiple-visa support services. Our agency  ( Azerbaijan Visa ) can also provide an invitation letter certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We provide our clients with azerbaijan visa support for obtaining visas at the Embassies of Azerbaijan.

Republic around the world.

Azerbaijan Business e visas are available in the following types:

1. Single entry visas for one month

2. Single and double entry visas for three months

3. Multiple annual visas with a stay of 90 days

Documents required to prepare the letter of invitation:

1. Copy of passport

2. Letter to the inviting organization

3. Payment for services

Documents required for obtaining azerbaijan visa at the embassy:

1. Azerbaijan visa Application form

2. Letter of invitation (LOI) or tourist voucher

3. Two passport photos (size 3 × 4)

4. Original passport or travel document (must be valid for at least 6 months after the expiration date of the visa)

5. Visa fee

6. Hotel voucher (can be provided by Explore Azerbaijan)

Important Notes:

- Azerbaijan E-visa is provided only for tourism.

- Azerbaijan electronic visa is valid only for a single entry and is valid only for the duration of the hotel booking.

- Electronic visa cannot be extended; Entry and departure dates cannot be updated.

- The maximum stay on an e-visa is 30 days.

- All documents must be scanned (JPEG format, no more than 1 MB in size).

- Submission of the above documents does not guarantee the issuance of an Azerbaijan electronic e visa.

- All documents should be scanned in color (the file format should be JPEG, and not

exceed 1MB).

- Explore Azerbaijan is not responsible for the failure or timeliness of visa processing with

sides of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, and for refusing to obtain a visa.

- Make sure your passport has free pages and passport expiration date

valid until arrival in the country. For most countries, passport validity must be at least 6 months prior to arrival.

- We inform you that if you have previously visited the occupied territory of Azerbaijan - Nagorno-Karabakh and your passport have relevant notes about entering the region, you may be denied entry into Azerbaijan at the border, even if you already have an Azerbaijani visa.

- All necessary documents and correspondence should be sent by e-mail:

Copy (CC) for

- E-visa is valid only until the specified date on the visa document. If tourist

stay for more days, which are indicated on the electronic visa, it will be considered as a violation of local legislation and may lead to payment of a fine in the amount of $ 300 - $ 400, as well as deportation and a ban on entry to Azerbaijan for the next 5 years (if the tourist refuses to pay) .

- In order to avoid misunderstandings at the time of departure, make sure that your Azerbaijan e-visa form was

stamped on the entry and keep this document with you until departure.

- All all foreign guests in Azerbaijan for more than 15 days must register with

State Migration Service of Azerbaijan within 15 days of arrival. You must submit the completed registration form, a copy of your passport and a copy of the visa to the State Migration Service either in person or by e-mail. Hotels assist in this procedure to their guests, but tourists living in private apartments or hotels without a license must go through the registration themselves using the following link. Each tourist is responsible for ensuring the registration. Registration is absolutely free, but the lack of registration can lead to a fine of between $ 300 and $ 400

- If a tourist gives knowingly false or incomplete information, a visa may be refused or the applicant may subsequently be deported from the Republic of Azerbaijan. The signature on the visa application means that the tourist was informed of the legal consequences of issuing false or incomplete information during the visa process.